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Service     Delivery Time
E-GSM Tool 1 Year New User     5-15 Minute

Service     Delivery Time
WXJ / Wuxinji / FCL Activation 1 Year     5-15 Minute
XinZhiZao 1 account /1 year     5-15 Minute
ZXW Online Account Activation 1 Year     5-15 Minute

Service     Delivery Time
Sam-FRP Tool Credits Exist User     -

Service     Delivery Time
UnlockTool 12 months License     3-6 Hours
UnlockTool 3 months License     1-6 Hours
UnlockTool 6 months License     1-6 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Chimera Samsung (Username/Authenticatior)     1-12 Hours
Chimera Tool Credits     1-5 Minute
Chimera Tool Pro (Username/Authenticatior)     1-12 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Samtool - Create New Account     5 - 15 Miniutes
Samtool - Transfer Credits to Existing Account     5 - 15 Miniutes